About Higham Furniture

Our story began in 2004 in a small workshop in Hampshire. That’s where our team of talented furniture makers first turned their hand to kitchens. Since then, we’ve never looked back.

Our handbuilt in-frame shaker kitchens have earned us a reputation for quality. They’ve been featured in well-known publications, such as Homes & Gardens and Living Etc. The demand for our kitchens has enabled us to grow our workshop and open a London studio.

However, quality remains our number one priority. As a team of master craftspeople, we take great pride in our work. It’s our love of the material and the process that give our kitchens their charm.

Sharing our handmade products with clients who appreciate the time and attention to detail that goes into our work is a real pleasure. Our service covers much of the South East, including London, Surrey, West Sussex, Hampshire and Kent.

Our Collections

You’ll notice that all our kitchens feature our hallmark framed design. A group known as the shakers introduced this iconic construction technique over three hundred years ago. It has since become a symbol of modest style and exceptional quality — just like our beautiful handmade kitchens. This simple detail imbues all our interiors with timeless elegance and subtle charm. However, within our wonderful collection, you’ll find several ranges, each with its own unique identity.

Classic Shaker

Our classic shaker kitchen collection is our purest kitchen range. There simply isn’t a space our classic designs won’t look beautiful in.

Classic Shaker
Handleless Shaker

Handleless Shaker

Allow the elegance and quality of our furniture to do the talking. Our handleless shaker range is modern and sophisticated.


Drawing on classic elements such as intricate cock beading and complex door mouldings, our traditional range is brimming with character.

Traditional Higham Kitchen
Inset Handles

Inset Handles

Distinctive and characterful yet clean and understated. Our exclusive inset handle collection is really rather special. You won't find this style anywhere else.

Crafting Exceptional Kitchens

From the materials we use to the care we dedicate to our work, we’re determined to create a truly outstanding product. Your kitchen begins life at our Denmead workshop. What starts out as a simple drawing is gradually and meticulously crafted into something beautiful and unique. A combination of traditional techniques and modern machinery bring both precision and character to our designs. We hope you’ll agree, our finished kitchens are really superb.

Handmade Kitchen Workshop

We’ve put a lot of effort into perfecting our kitchens, and the last thing we want is for the quality of our service to let them down. We know your home is incredibly important to you and are keen to make sure your project is the best it can be. Our professional team will guide you through the process step by step. They’ll work closely with you to create a beautiful and practical space that makes a lovely centrepiece to your home.


Just like top chefs need the finest produce for their dishes, we require the finest materials to create our kitchens. The quality of the wood used in our kitchens is fundamental to their strength, beauty and exquisite feel. Hence, we take the time to source the best materials and components possible. For us, there’s simply no substitute for superior materials and skilled craftsmanship.


Cabinet & Carcass

Our carcasses are made entirely from highly durable oak or walnut veneered poplar plywood for unrivalled strength. We coat every one with a protective lacquer to enhance its longevity.

Kitchen Drawer Installation


We use hardwood timber to build our solid bottom drawers. Dovetail joints secure the front and back while Blum soft close runners ensure every drawer functions seamlessly.

Handmade Kitchen Door


Our 28mm doors are extraordinarily sturdy. We use durable maple to construct the rails and stiles. However, we can also source different woods for special projects.

Kitchen Finishes

Surface Finishes

We achieve a pristine, long-lasting finish by assembling and painting each cabinet by hand. High-quality Little Greene paints imbue every piece with timeless style.

Sustainability: Our Values

Our beautiful furniture depends on a precious resource — timber. The last thing we want is to waste or use this natural product recklessly. That’s why we ensure every piece that leaves our workshop is built to last. Instead of oil-based paints, we use low VOC water-based formulations, which benefit your health as well as the environment. We want to do everything we can to make sure your Higham kitchen is your ‘forever’ kitchen, unless, of course, you move house.

All the timber used in our kitchens is ethically sourced as per its FSC or PEFC certification. We ensure none of this precious product goes to waste. We use the offcuts to heat our workshop and donate the sawdust to a local farmer. Our sustainability efforts extend to our workshop. When kitting out our space, we invested in energy-saving LED lighting. We’re also pretty hot on general recycling, both at our workshop and design studio.


Our Appliance Partners

At Higham Kitchens, we understand that each kitchen should be a reflection of its owner's unique style and passion. As such, we are dedicated to providing an unparalleled culinary experience by offering the finest appliances that embody the epitome of performance, reliability, and luxury. For culinary perfection, we partner with a multitude of top-of-the-range appliance manufacturers who offer a harmonious marriage with our handcrafted cabinetry.

Your kitchen journey

Find out more about the process of designing and installing a Higham Furniture kitchen from your initial contact with our designers through to your very first meal in your wonderful new space...

Higham Furniture Hampshire

Contact | We would love to hear about your upcoming project.

You can email or call us where we can make an appointment to see you at our London studio.

Here, we can discuss your design and samples, as well as arranging a visit to our workshop to see the quality, styles and materials we use.

Kitchens Handmade

Designing Your Kitchen | We can start an initial design based on your measurements & outline plans - we also offer home visits to customers in London and the South East.

To help you visualise your new space, all our designs are both 2D and 3D. All designs include a detailed costing and there is no cost to you for the design process (we do, however, ask for a non-refundable deposit from you of £1,000 should you wish to book a production slot - this will be taken off the kitchen deposit).


Final Specification | The time that it takes to get to this stage varies from customer to customer.

The final specification involves us going into intricate detail from hinge colour to cornice style and we leave no stone unturned in reaching perfection.

We often carry out the final specification whilst liaising with your tradespeople and gathering site information.

Handmade Kitchens London

Production | We request a 40% deposit to reserve your project. Once we have an agreement of the final design we will start production and this usually takes six to eight weeks but does depend on the complexity of the design and materials used.

We will send photos of your kitchen during the production process. The kitchens are pre-constructed in our workshops prior to delivery to minimise issues during the installation.

Shaker Kitchen Manufacturer

Delivery & Installation | We will liaise with you and your builder as to how your project is progressing & arrange delivery and installation. We fit your kitchen and work with your tradespeople who will be doing the building work, plumbing and electrics.

We ask for the balance of the furniture, worktops and appliances on delivery and the installation payment when we have installed your new kitchen.

Handmade Kitchen Battersea London

After Sales | From time to time, things go wrong.

If it is a problem with the kitchen then we want to put it right, but even if the problem is with another party then we will always try to help.

We're proud of our aftersales care so please talk to us about any issues that may arise.

Take the Next Step, Book a Design Call Today

If you would like to talk to us in detail about your upcoming kitchen project, we're here to help. You can book a design call with one of our knowledgeable designers by clicking below. Alternatively, feel free to call our design studio in Fulham on 020 7381 0488 or email us on [email protected].