A bespoke larder crafted with the needs of family can be a wonderful asset to a traditional kitchen. Historically these were used to keep food in a cool area but with fridges included in most modern kitchens, a bespoke larder now tends to provide the same functionality as a pantry. The larder is a carefully thought out storage solution that compliments the main cabinetry. Housed in painted shaker fronts the interiors of our larders tend to be wood and often crafted with scooped and scalloped drawers.

Clapham Painted Larder

A painted shaker larder with plenty of storage for wine, food, general paraphernalia and even a microwave on a Corian worktop.

Pulborough Single Larder

This single door larder offers substantial storage. With two scooped and scalloped drawers at the bottom with a storage rack on the door reducing the depth of the shelves.