A bespoke larder crafted with the needs of the family in mind can make a wonderful asset to any kitchen. Historically they were used to keep food cool, but with the advent of the fridge, bespoke larders now tend to provide the same functionality as a pantry.

Our handcrafted larders offer a carefully thought-out storage solution that complements your cabinetry. Housed behind a painted shaker front, the interiors of our larders can be crafted from a wood of your choice. They often feature scooped and scalloped drawers and custom door racks. Our larders are not available to purchase as a standalone item. They are only available as part of a full kitchen set. Please click here to enquire now. 

Hertfordshire Larder

Ware Larder

A large larder from a kitchen installed in Ware, Hertfordshire
Hermitage American Handleless Kitchen Larder

Hermitage Larder

A substantial larder from a kitchen in Hammersmith
Hinchley Wood Surrey Larder Open

Hinchley Wood Larder

A large oak larder with scooped and scalloped drawers.
Claygate Handleless Shaker Kitchen Larder

Claygate Larder

A large oak larder from our Claygate kitchen
Brook Green Traditional Kitchen

Brook Green Larder

A substantial oak and painted larder with wicker baskets at the base.
Brackenbury Village Painted Larder

Brackenbury Larder

A tall multi-functional larder painted inside with Oak accessories
Clapham Painted Shaker Larder

Clapham Painted Larder

A painted shaker larder with plenty of storage for wine, food, general paraphernalia and even a microwave on a Corian worktop.
Pulborough Larder

Pulborough Single Larder

This single door larder offers substantial storage. With two scooped and scalloped drawers at the bottom with a storage rack on the door reducing the depth of the shelves.