Joanna and Simon Meredith-Hardy moved into their new home and immediately renovated it.  They chose Higham Furniture to design and make a handmade painted kitchen for them.  Joanna loves cooking and wanted to be able to entertain.  As such we included a large hob and 4 ovens including a steamer and combi-microwave.

The kitchen includes a substantial amount of storage with racks and internal drawers either side of the oven.  There are a large number of drawers below the hob.  Adjacent to the fridge is a crockery cupboard with pull-out drawers.  At the end of the sink run is a dresser which opens to reveal Joanna’s worktop appliances.  At the end of the kitchen is a large open bookcase to hold all of her cookery books.

  • Location: Wandsworth, London
  • Style: Shaker
  • Colour: Dulux Highland Falls 6
  • Worktop: Angola Blue Granite
  • Splashback: Glass in Dulux Venetian Crystal 2 colour
  • Hob: Siemens EH975ME11E
  • Ovens: Siemens HB78AB590B
  • Combi Microwave: Siemens HB86P572B
  • Steam oven: Siemens HB36D572B
  • Sinks: Kohler Modultop 19939W and 19941W
  • Taps: Grohe Concetto and Insinkerator HC1100
  • Fridge/Freezer: Fisher & Paykel E522BLXFDU

 As seen in Beautiful Kitchens

The kitchen was featured in Beautiful kitchens magazine.  A copy of the article is available by clicking the logo or clicking here. Beautiful Kitchens blog. Beautiful Kitchens magazine.

Wandsworth London Painted Shaker Kitchen